Cases overview

Tommy Hilfiger makes truck stops in Munich and Vienna


  • 8 x 20 metre truck
  • Virtual sports simulations using VR goggles
  • Promotion in Germany and Austria

Never have Munich’s Pasing Arcaden or the Westfield Shopping City Süd in Vienna witnessed a pop-up campaign like it. In June, popular lifestyle brand Tommy Hilfiger drove a huge truck onto the centres’ forecourts and stayed there for two days at a time. Concealed inside was a luxurious, innovative store. An ingenious design enabled the outsize truck to be transformed into an inviting retail outlet in just a few simple steps, which quickly aroused the curiosity of visitors.

Sporting in-truck VR experiences

Shoppers were not merely impressed by the unusual exterior design, but also by the interior of the pop-up truck. In keeping with the image of this fashionable brand, the display and sales areas were furnished in a high-quality and ultra-modern style. A special highlight were the simulators complete with virtual reality goggles which anyone curious enough could use to immerse themselves in VR environments and try out a variety of sports such as snowboarding or skating. This aroused the interest of athletes and fashion fans alike in the sporting styles of this well-known designer.

The appropriate eyewear was also to hand, with the lifestyle brand’s latest sunglasses collection put in focus in the large display area, with visitors able to try on the fashionable must-haves in the bright sunshine of this outdoor promotion.

XXL campaign

From must-have accessories to major challenges: the size of the promotion – or rather of the truck – presented the URW team with a tricky task. In order for the vehicle – measuring 8 by 20 metres – to be able to park on the forecourt outside the Pasing Arcaden, some building conversions were called for. Without further ado, it was decided to dismantle the outdoor seating area of the center’s F&B offer for the duration of the promotion. And the effort was worth it, with the unusual shop proving to be a real eye-catcher and an immediate crowd puller.

Just watch our video to see what it looked like:

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